Wildlife Monitoring and Conservation

Starting in 2019. More information coming soon.

Starting in January 2019, this year long course is run over a series of weekends where we will look into monitoring techniques for a variety of species, from plants to mammals. There will be plenty of opportunity to develop your naturalist skills as we explore our different environments to identify and record the different species we find for ongoing wildlife conservation monitoring. There will be opportunity to gain national qualifications and to bring you closer to the natural world around you

Have you ever wondered what bird is singing or the name of the plant that you keep coming across on your walks? Have you ever seen a live badger and wondered how far they travel? Do you want to know what it is that lives under the rocks? Here in the UK we have 38% of the worlds total population of Grey seals….would you like to be able to identify the individuals you come across? This collection of workshops aims to bring you closer to the natural world and help you to understand it and help to monitor and conserve it.

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