Our passion is the wild environment. We love to travel to remote areas, meeting and staying with local people along the way and swapping stories and skills with them. Learning ancient craft and methods to help us thrive in extreme environments is what we get off on. Working with local expertise alongside some of the worlds leading ecologists, traditional craftsmen and survival experts has helped us put together itineraries that enable Panash Adventures to offer you a trip like no other.

Panash Adventures specialises in wilderness immersion expeditions and short courses. By bringing people closer to the natural world, teaching traditional skills, and ethical engagement with different cultures, we hope to provide experiences for those wanting to explore a deeper understanding of the earth.

At Panash Adventures we believe that adventures are for everyone and we strive to allow adventures for all, through weekend breaks, holidays, and bespoke ecological adventures for single people, groups, people with special needs and families, both in the UK and internationally.

We provide sustainable eco tourism, and engage ethically with the different cultures and the wild environments we visit. Our experience enables us to take people to landscapes and tribal communities that are usually inaccessible to most travellers.

Whether you want to train to be a field guide in South Africa, track polar bears to help monitor the species in the Arctic, spend time alone in the Sinai desert, use free diving skills to swim free beneath the sea alongside the indigenous Moken people, or take an active holiday with the people you love, we can make your dreams and ambitions happen.

If you want to take shorter adventures closer to home, whether it be making natural bee hives, foraging for wild foods along the beautiful Cornish coasts or the array of fungi deep in the woods, carving spoons around the fire, or snorkelling with seals, we can help you to reconnect to the wild spaces around you and the wild spirit within.

Turn a holiday break into an experience which changes your life and brings you closer to the essence of humanity, freeing your spirit and reacquainting you to the intrepid explorer within all of us!