I have been on a high since I got back and everyone has said how relaxed I look!  I keep waking up at night thinking I am in my tent.  It was a privilege to meet all of the families and has helped to convince me that somehow I need to work more with kids in future.   It was great that so many of the kids didn’t want to leave and were in tears!

Tanya, London -

Animal tracking with Angie from Panash Adventures was such a fun and enlightening experience. It really encouraged me to open my eyes to the physical evidence which animals leave behind as they go about their daily lives in the woodland and countryside. Angie’s breadth of knowledge was extensive and her enthusiasm contagious, even managing to get the group excited about poo when we discovered a badger latrine pit! I was amazed how many subtle clues we found on our woodland walk which enabled us to piece together a picture of the animal life which exists there and I’m looking forward to furthering my knowledge on a future walk.

Claire, Camp Kernow in Cornwall -

With an exciting range of courses, from Ancestral skills such as primitive fire, wildlife tracking, hide tanning and primitive brewery, to Freediving, snorkelling with seals, exploring the sea by canoe and wild camping on secluded beaches. Join us on a day workshop or weekend getaway soon!

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