Expedition Skills

Starting in 2020. More details coming soon

Starting in January 2020, this exciting suite of courses will cover a multitude of skills, some of which will gain you recognised qualifications, to help you plan and execute your own dream expedition. We’ll cover first aid in remote locations, off road driving skills (and make shift winches for if you get it wrong) basic vehicle maintenance, survival basics of finding water, shelter, fire and food, rope work, river crossings and technical tree climbing, orienteering, escape and evasion, leadership skills and applying for grants. The course will culminate with a week long wilderness immersion putting into practice everything you have learnt.

If you want the confidence and skills to lead your own expeditions in remote places, then our programme can help. This course is building around the basics needed for all expeditions but we hope to be able to focus parts of the course on the particular type of expedition you have in mind, i.e. desert, Arctic, sea etc. Just let us know your thoughts so we can tailor it to your needs.

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